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 Topic: coRpSE's System Info/Cleanup Utility Batch file

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PostForum: TECH TIPS & TOOLS Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2021 3:35 pm Subject: coRpSE's System Info/Cleanup Utility Batch file
CleanUp v2
Windows 10 Only

A few years ago, I had made a post that allowed you to copy some code I put together into a ".bat" file, and you could
run it to help delete any temp files your computer may have created. Well, I went a bit further with the script and I hope it helps you a little bit.
There is a ton of stuff I have done to this system and for me, it's a good system to have around when I need to do something fast. All this system is, is more of a key guide that has all the stuff already found on Windows in a simple-to-use system.

Features of the script:
  1. Full Menu navigation
  2. Checking system to see if you ran it as Administrator or not
  3. 2 types of cleaning possible
  4. Can display basic system info and advanced system info for you
  5. Check and repair Windows 10, (More info below)
  6. Opens your host file for easy editing
  7. Opens Disk Cleanup for you
  8. Network Check
  9. Flush DNS along with dump and renew your DHCP assigned addresses if you like to have that done.
  10. Port Listing
  11. Ping & Traceroute
  12. Certain sections allows you to save the information to text file, (Good for when dealing with support, and you need that information.)
  13. Create a .bat file that will automatically clean your Windows temp folder upon system boot.
  14. Windows 10 clean temp files on startup of PC
  15. Windows 10 Color Calibration
  16. Create a GodMode shortcut
  17. Rebuild Icon Cache
  18. Recover your Windows 10 product code

Well, due to no being able to add an attachment to the post, you can use the below link to create your own .bat file or use the link afterwards where you can download the batch file:


All you need to do is paste the code into a text file, then change the file type to .bat instead of .txt.
Please note, this is being given out freely, but don't try passing this off as your own work. Leave the copyrights as is.

Now, if you don't fully know how to do this or just want to download it, I do offer it free here:
 Topic: Free Battlefield 1 & Battlefield V

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PostForum: GENERAL CHAT Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2021 3:08 pm Subject: Free Battlefield 1 & Battlefield V
If you have Amazon Prime, you can get yourselves a free copy of Battlefield 1.  On August 2nd, Battlefield V will be available free.
Here is the link for it:

Amazon Prime Battlefield Giveaway

Originally posted by Anubis on the [HSX] Clan site.
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