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#1: No icon Latest Patch Update Author: Megaboost PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 12:39 pm
This is what has been updated in the game for the latest patch (21/11/2020).

•    Missing gun animation sounds
•    Removed first 100% accuracy of guns
•    Added binding for weapon changing (scroll)
•    Fixed ESC not closing chat
•    Reduced scope shake effect when taking explosion damage
•    Fixed getting revived/healed loses chat focus
•    Fixed crash when changing name
•    Fixed skin not updating in menu
•    Fixed items slow loading time
•    Added ability to scope while moving with snipers
•    Changed outpost taking/taken text
•    Increased m4-m203 and f90-m203 40mm bullet by 1
•    Improved character movement
•    Fixed knife not working properly
•    Fixed map issues (Killing Fields and Downtown Raid)
•    Fixed binocular wrong distance on certain maps
•    Fixed explosion destroying claymores through walls
•   Other stuff from the previous weekend that haven't been put into production yet -> TASK FORCE ELITE

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