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#1: No icon 1.8 Hotfix & Issues Author: Megaboost PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2020 11:24 pm
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Below is the latest from the Developers on the game.

"We are aware there are some issues that have popped up with 1.8 being rolled out and played by all of you.

The first hotfix we roll out will fix issues with the Urban Warden DLC’s police badge not appearing and the weapon skin for the ACE 52 not appearing properly. We understand you are not getting the product you thought you were paying for, so that will be fixed ASAP.

We are also hard at work on a second hotfix, prioritizing bugs that affect gameplay.

The most critical issue we have seen is an issue when loading into Tell. For now, we have a workaround for anyone suffering from this problem. If you use -DisableModSubscriptions as a launch parameter this should solve the issue.

Other issues such as the incorrect objective showing after a team switch, hands obscuring optics, and smoke showing as cubes and not as smoke are also being worked on.

Thank you for your patience while we fix these problems, test them, and roll them out to you".

Hopefully the part with hands obscuring optics may fix the issue that Boycie has with his invisible gun (may help, may not).

http://gcg.megasportal.co.uk -> INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM

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